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Here's How to Recover your Stolen Destiny From the Devil - You will be Successful in Jesus Name

According to many spiritual fathers and advisers, it is relevant to be close God in order to be free from the devil's plans. It is known that sometimes some people are destined to be someone or something but that is hindered.

That is hindered by the devil or through someone who has bad plans about you. It might be that you were destined Tobe a great person in future.

You might have been a doctor, an engineer, a wealthy person, a woman with twins or a person a very successful and influential person. But the devil or evil ones make sure that does not come pass.

To be able to prevent that, it is said that you should guard your destiny at all cost by committing yourself to God. You must do whatever the Bible says and always pray.

You should also do good to people. In doing so, you must not expect something in return. This blesses you more and the devil finds it hard to rip you off of your good destiny.

You must also fast and live a holy life. This needs no explanation. Doing this draws you much closer to God and nothing can ever stop you from acquiring your destiny.

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