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Seven Biggest Scams In Ghana. 95% Of Ghanaians Are Guilty Of Number Seven.

We're all born into different nationalities. Some having multiple nationalities. There are multiple ways of identifying a certain group of people. It's not just the food, the dressing, the language and a whole lot more.

Are you a Ghanaian? Then you can probably tell multiple ways you can identify your people, can you think of any? Let me enlighten you on an easy way you can identify your fellow Ghanaian. Here are 7 scams every Ghanaian knows and through which you can identify one.

1. Biting into ginger thinking it's meat. Sometimes when you go undercover on a mission to 'save' a piece of meat from the pot of soup, you might only bite into a big chunk of ginger thinking it's meat. It's such a disappointment but yes it does happen sometimes. It's a reason why some of us have stopped going undercover to 'save' meat from the pot of soup.

2. Life is better when you grow. They made us believe that life as an adult is problem free. This is such a big scam. There's nothing nice about paying bills, responsibilities, relationship drama and having to always make life changing choices.

3. Your mother borrowing money from you and promising to pay you back. I'm sure that almost every Ghanaian has experienced this. They come like angels when asking for the loan. When it's time to pay back you're now asked to refund all the money that's gone into your upbringing, even sometimes you're told it was used in preparing the meal for the entire family. What age did you first feed your entire family?

4. Come see me with your CV after graduation. While you school some relatives promise to get you a job after graduation. Please just so you know usually when you put all your eggs in this basket you end up unemployed.

5. Buying this book isn't compulsory. When a Ghanaian lecturer or teacher tells you this, my friend to save yourself borrow money to buy it even if that's the only way. Else you're just dead meat, they'll make your life a living hell for you.

6. The actual size of fante kenkey. It's one of the biggest scams no one talks about. There's always this shock when one is done taking off the covering of fante kenkey. To save yourself of that shock, it's better to assume the actual size of the fante kenkey to be a half, or even sometimes a third of its packaged size.

7. I'm on my way, I'm almost there. It's one of the biggest scams almost every Ghanaian is guilty of. When a Ghanaian usually tells you this, just know that they're still at home or they just made up their mind to come.

Thank you so much for reading. Is there any point I didn't add? Feel free to add it in the comment section. Kindly like and share this. Do follow me as well. Keep safe and mask up. Till next time be safe. Bye!!

Content created and supplied by: Mandeiya (via Opera News )

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