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Family makes preparations to bury 26-year old woman who was poisoned by her roommate at Buokrom

Family makes preparations to bury 26-year old woman who was poisoned by her roommate at B-Line, Buokrom 

One of the sad reality in life, is losing your first born. Mr. and Mrs. Benson, will on this Saturday 13 March, say goodbye to their daughter Abena Birago Benson, who was murdered by her own friend Anita. Abena who was a student at one of the prestigious universities in Accra, could not start her career after graduation from the University, before her death last year. Abena has since been living in Accra, after starting her tertiary education in 2016. She was the first daughter of the Benson's, and the only one who was to graduate and look after her parents, but someone did not allow the that dream to happen. Abena was on campus studying when they were instructed to go home last year April, because of the cancellation of the academic year. 

Her father Mr. Benson was afraid of Abena Birago coming into contact and endangering her life, so he instructed her to find an apartment to rent anywhere in Accra. Through some agents, Abena was able to get a new place at Achimota ABC, and rented that one bedroom apartment for GH¢700 a month. The landlord was willing to take a year's payment which was 8,400 but Mr. Benson was very tight and offered the landlord 6,000. With the aim of paying the rest in few months time. 

Abena could not live in the house without anything, so the parents made arrangements for a sprinter bus to send her goods from Kumasi including bed, wardrobe, sofa, appliances and food. And by that, she was able to get acquainted in her one bedroom apartment. She was a sickler with asthma so the parents did everything, to make sure she had no stress from anyone, especially men. Abena got a call from her college mate Anita, who was depressed over something and she couldn't allow her to be left idle. Abena gave Anita a place to live, right in her apartment, so she can refinance herself up. 

Anita had just moved out of her man's apartment over a fight they both had, over a certain girl, Anita blamed her man of been with. Anita never knew who the girl was, but because of her man's actions, she became aware something wasn't working with him. She broke the relationship between them and parked her bags to leave for her parents house, but Abena gave her a place to stay and redeem herself. Anita and Abena were taking the same course at school, and were living in the same hall but different rooms before the cancellation of the term. 

Anita got suspicious of Abena and how she laughed over the phone with a certain guy, and she became angry Abena was taking her man. The same man Anita blamed was seeing another woman, and fought him over it and left his house, was the same man Anita blamed Abena for seeing. Abena was not familiar with Appiah, but because Anita's condition, she was forced to get his contact and try and settle the difference between the two. Anita was carrying a baby, and Abena did not want Anita to be single mother, so she tried to bring the two together. 

That was when Anita knew her suspicions towards Appiah was right, and it was Abena he was seeing. Abena denied it when Anita confronted her about Appiah and tried to explain things to her, but her condition with the pregnancy, made her see everyone as her enemy. Abena called Appiah to come in as Anita was blaming her of been with him, and Appiah apparently denied coming because, that was what Anita was doing to him in the house everyday. 

It was the same reason, that drove Anita out of the house and nobody sacked her. Anita was grieved as to how her roommate and lecture class mate will do such a sinful act to her, and couldn't accept to come to terms with it. She took a pill and placed it in a stew Abena was to eat, and Abena fell deeply gasped, and begged for her inhaler. Anita denied her the inhaler and couldn't come to terms that, she was expecting a child, and still went ahead and murdered Abena. Abena was murdered as Anita watched her to die without giving her the inhaler, after placing the pills in the stew. And that was, on the 21 of September 2020. Anita called Appiah after doing it, she was afraid of what she has just done, and couldn't live to it. She regretted her actions, as Abena kept begging her on the floor, as she died. 

Appiah came in on the night of the 21, and couldn't cover what his woman has done. They rushed Abena to the Nyaho Clinic but she was already gone. Anita reported herself and didn't run away from her crimes, she was arrested and made to sit in cells for preparation of the case. Anita was prepared for court on the 24 of September, and the sitting judge gave her six months of remand, after hearing a brief of the case. Anita was scheduled to appear before court on Monday 22 March 2021, but she is expected to deliver on Saturday 22 March and can't be in court for her hearing. Her case hasn't been heard, but she has already spent six months in jail, and about to even deliver in jail for the murder of her roommate Abena Birago. 

Abena will be buried on Saturday at Buokrom B-Line, house number 15 AD 9B. She will be laid in state for public viewing on Saturday morning before, the burial in the afternoon. Family declined to comment on the case because of the sadness it brought them, when I met them for an interview. 

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