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Man captured on camera killing a colleague in a fierce fight (watch video)

Monday, 4th October 2021

Anger, they say is a small madness. Anger has landed many in big troubles they never anticipated in their lives. This is why psychologists advised people not to act when angry.

A viral video intercepted by CitizenOne has captured a man killing a colleague man with his bare hands out of anger. The incident is believed to had happened around the VIP maintenance yard in Kumasi over the weekend. Although there is scanty information yet about the incident, the two were believed to be a diver and a mate not of the same bus though.

It is suggested that, the mate and the driver had some disagreement which became physical. They got hold of each other. But instead of by standers to separate them, they rather decided to urge them on while one takes video footages. In the video, one could notice one of the men believed to be the mate hitting his head against the nose of the driver.

In response, the well built driver grasped him and crushed him to the ground. The mate was believed to had sustained severe head injuries and died instantly.

In the video, one could hear one of the by standers saying in Twi, "he has killed him'.

The driver out of anger simply killed someone, probably a friend. This is why we must always be patient in taking some actions.

CitizenOne is doing everything possible to get details and update of the sad incident the and report to followers as and when required.

Watch the video in the link below

CitizenOne, OperaNewsHub

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