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Your Name Will Be Mentioned Tomorrow Not Today.

 An old man was living at a village, in that village, there is no light and the is no work in that village. Oneday this old man plan how can help the people living in that village. This man was doing his small work that brings him money small small into his poket. The man saw that he can't give money to one person and live the others. 

Oneday the people living in the village were going to the old man asking for man, and the man wil tell them that I don't have. Another day, difference people will go to him and asking for money and he gives them the same answer. I don'thave any money. Said by the old man. All the people living in the village saw that the man is a wicked. He dont want to he any body in the village. So nobody was greeting this old man in the village again.

After two weeks ago, this old man got someonewho can cook very well. So she gave some amount of money to the person to start the work in the village. So everyday in the morning to the evening. The people in the village go for the food and always bless the woman who was given them food to eat.

 After another two weeks ago this old man got another person. This second person was bread breaker. The bread breaker brought all her things into the village and started the work. So in the morning around (6:45am) the bread and tea is always ready and the people living in the village will go for it and thank the woman and bless her and they will live. This two people serve the people living in the village for so many years. 

Oneday, the old man got sick in bed. When the sickness attack him high, nobody in the village went and visit him, evening the cheif and his leaders didn't visit him. So it got to about six months and this old man left. So it got to a time that the two people who where serving the village need money to go and buy new items.

The next day the people living in village went and line up waiting for food. When the woman saw line and she said please today there is no food for you people. Why? The people in the village asked. The money I use to cook for you people is always come from the old man who as died. Said by woman. So all the village people started crying. And the two people who where cooking for the village people left the village. 

So brother or sister who is reading this message i want to tell you that, you are important person. When you are not there, you will be remembered on this earth forever. Kindly like, comment and share. Follow me for more information and multivational messages. And you will also received yours, God bless you for doing that.

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