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Several Lives Lost In 2021 Due To Road Accidents, What Can We Do To Prevent?

It's almost four month of the year 2021 and the events which comes with it like currently easter makes it very entertaining. Fun and enjoyment as many calls it also brings the need to be careful especially on the road.

Road accident is most unwanted thing to happen though in this country several education has been made on that. The rules and safety measures on road is well known to the road user's but unfortunately we dont learn from our mistakes. Causes of road accident and crashes are due to human mistakes.

Several lives has been recorded only this year alone on road accidents. Just last year that popular musician lost his father in a fatal accident. Popular names goes on and on but the cause still maintain with no change. For the numerous causes include;

Most of the fatal accidents occur due to over speeding. Consumption of alcohol and driving is key cause in road accidents. Avoiding red light's and distractions while driving like texting, calls, not focusing causes road accidents. Several causes not mentioned here but the need for us to be cautious and be free from road accidents. Lives are loss to it but we can minimize if we all follow the general rules and measures laid by the authorities.

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