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I Blame Our Policy Makers For The Rise In Ritual Murders Among The Youth - Rhoda Ayana

Gone are the days when news of ritual murder is hardly a daily occurrence in Ghana. Ritual Murders have become so common in Ghana that it doesn't send shivers in the spine of people anymore.

The recent one being the hallowing story of an architect who allegedly murdered two teenagers and packaged their body parts in a freezer at Abesim in Sunyani. Many people have attributed this menace to the high level of youth unemployment in the country.

A member of the National Interest Movement, Rhoda Ayana, has said that she blames the policymakers for the rise in ritual murders among the youth because they have failed to provide them with jobs.

Rhoda Ayana made this statement on 'GH TODAY' on GHONE television this morning when she reacted to the hallowing ritual murder that occurred at Abesim in Sunyani.

Rhoda Ayana sees the rise in ritual murders as a failure within the governments that we've had to create opportunities for the young people.

She indicated that when she looks at how things going now, every young person in Ghana wants to make money when they could be doing other things. We have not created that avenue that will give our youth jobs. Something to at least live on, so they find other ways.

"I will blame our policymakers for not coming out with policies that will encourage the youths and at least ginger them to be innovative to create their jobs. If we cannot give jobs to young people, then we should expect them to go through the easy way out by finding ways to make it themselves."

So, these ritual murders that we are seeing are because we do not have policies for the youths. There is total anarchy within the youths because they don't have any jobs. She said that it is important we look at how to create jobs for the teeming youth on our streets to curtail these ritual murders, and if we are going to industrialize, we should industrialize to get the youth working. It is not for nothing that you will find university graduates frying yams on the streets after going through university education.

She added that for the past few years, the betting houses that have come up have helped take a lot of the youth from the streets, that's why pick-pocketing has reduced because most of them spend their time at the betting houses. Things would have been worse if not for these betting houses.

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