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Sad Story: Ghanaian Man Looses His Life Trying To Reach Libya By Foot(Video)

A very sad news has hit the people of Ghanaians and the relatives of an unknown man who was trying to locate to Libya in order to seek green pastures but never reach his destination. The news has however been trending on the internet as many people have shared their sadness towards it.

This type if journey to Libya by crossing the red sea is one of the most dangerous trips in the world as it have recorded over 1000's of deaths all these years yet some people always takes that kind of risk to go. Although many people looses their lives on this trip somehow others too get the chance to reach their destination. This has been somehow an inspiration and motivation to them.

The journey is not just about going to Libya but being able to reach Libya gives them 70% chance of reaching any nearby European country mostly Italy. In the video going rounds one can see the dead body lying there helplessly and crowded by his mates he was going with. The question am asking you today is "Is it advisable to take such risk for green pastures?"


Thanks, kindly follow me for more updates and share as well. Please I covered the face because of some reasons but you can watch the video and see who he is.

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