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"I am Rich But I Envy My Maid Because She Has Something I Have Been Crying For 5 Year" (Fiction)

I dreamed of being a physician from my early childhood. "Doctor," I liked it. I had an excellent school career, and my parents were government officials. They worked in the financial services, where nothing was missing. I was in one of the country's best privately owned schools with very high school costs. The study conditions were excellent and I was perfectly supervised at home.

There was everything for me to successfully study, so I got the Bac C rightly, with very good mention. I've been in Ghana's prestigious University. I graduated from my degree after two years of preparatory and three years in engineering. I joined a multi-company very quickly.

Mr. Daniel suggested to me in marriage two years after my hiring. From high school Daniel and I were friends. He chose to study economics and administration and there he took a flawless course. He received his PhD in public economics with good reason. So he was teaching at Ghana University.

In my life he had been the only man and the deal was perfect. We always found time to be together despite our busy professional schedules.

Five years we were in this luxurious residential space as a couple and still no child crying. After several medical tests each day, we became more worried about my ability to procreate, though Daniel and I believed strongly. At a stirring speed, fasts and prayers followed each other. The verdict finally comes: I've been sterile.

For a year Daniel was trying to help me. But he filed for divorce under pressure from his parents. So my maid was with me in the house. She was helpful and kind of cool headed and from time to time i trusted her. One day she told me she'd like to take her daughter in, she's two years old.

She left her, with her aunt, because the maids with a child were generally not accepted by the bosses. Consequently, i allowed her to come with the child. I flowed tears in the view of the latter. She was very adorable and cute, but very often she cried. But I liked it because in this house before, no child's cry sounded.

I was very affectionate about her, at the end of the month I gave her gifts, and finally she was part of my life. When I saw her in her mother's arms, I was jealous of her, a nasty feeling crossed my mind. I'd like to be in her position.

It didn't matter for me to have my beautiful car, my well-loaded bank account, the lovely and luxurious residence. In exchange for this delightful little girl, I'd like to give my riches to my servant. However, it was almost impossible. I couldn't, without any common sense, make such a proposal.

A friend of my family told me to adopt a child, which made me lose sleep overnight. I was looking forward to the dawn to go to one of the agencies.

Should i adopt a child or give all my wealth to my maid in exchange for her daughter? please advice me

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