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My Uncle Hired Me To Kill Him; Francis Breaks Secret On Assassination Conspiracy In Assin Fosu

A young man named Francis is battling a legal case in Assin Fosu for blackmailing and conspiring to assassinate a local farmer named Kwamena Hayford. According to Francis, he feigned the assassination of the target, which his Uncle, Kwamena Oluman tasked him to execute in 2020.

Francis told Crime Check Foundation that the uncle trusted him with a locally manufactured pistol wrapped in an envelope to kill Mr. Hayford, whom he claimed was a litigant on a parcel of land he wants. The young man was alarmed after hearing his uncle articulate such an evil plan to him.


He indicated that the relationship he had with the uncle was a trustworthy one but felt he might end up being assassinated if he rejects the offer from the uncle. Within him, Francis was plotting to expose the uncle for contemplating murder, so he made efforts to contact the target, Mr. Hayford over the conspiracy.

Francis managed to secure a mobile number of Mr. Hayford through another farmer who shared a boundary with the latter. He borrowed a friend’s phone and spoke to him about the evil plot the uncle had taken with him.


But Mr. Hayford doubted the story. Francis indicated that the target thought he was insane but he trusted him with all the information he had. The option available to him in getting the uncle exposed and arrested for his crime and also to safeguard himself from being assassinated was to fake the murder of Mr. Hayford. But this man was very difficult to persuade.

Francis’ uncle kept calling to enquire about the assignment, a situation, he noted caused him to run from his home and sleep in the streets for the fear of his life. He indicated that the uncle had informed him that one among two others whom he considered to be a threat had already been eliminated.

The young man justified that he accepted the offer because he virtually became another target after the uncle disclose the information to him.


“I was alarmed by this request to kill someone but I agreed to it after pondering over it. I agreed to it because he had already disclosed all his secrets to me. If I don’t accept it, he might take my life to cover up the story.”

Time was running out and his uncle kept calling. Francis recounted that the uncle even charged at him someday claiming that he had even engaged some people who wish to proceed with action immediately.

He engaged the target, Mr. Hayford to consider faking his assassination so he gets to receive the cash reward from the uncle as evidence so they can report to the police for him to be arrested. But Mr. Hayford disagreed.

The other option left was to get a friend to pretend to be a CID officer who will call the uncle and inform him about the murder of Mr. Hayford on his farm. The uncle per their plan was to treat the uncle as a suspect and get him to pay the cash to Francis so they can finally make a case at the police.

They succeeded and the uncle transferred GHC500 to him, part of which he used to settle his friend, and later bolted to Kasoa to find refuge, as the uncle demanded. But the truth exploded.

“My uncle called me days later that he did not pick up any evidence at the crime scene. He suspected to have smelled something offensive.”

Francis claimed that he had full audio recordings of all the interactions he had with the uncle and any other person he engaged on the matter. Unfortunately for him, the uncle was strongly connected to the police CID and could buy his way out in any report filed against him.

Mr. Hayford according to Francis called a CID officer and narrated everything to him. Later, Francis was invited to the police for questioning but ended up being detained as a suspect. He has since been battling this case out in court.

Watch the full video here.

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