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CCTV: How Robbers Stole $2.15 Million Worth Jewelry In 50 Seconds From A Shop [Video]

Where is the world heading towards? Humans no longer have sympathy for their fellow humans. The rate of killing and robbery going on in our communities has left many innocent people in fear and shock.

Nobody has the idea of when they might be attacked by this armed robbery, whether at home or in their offices. Sometimes these robbers monitor people for a very long time before attacking them. As a result, everyone must be cautious and vigilant in identifying and suspects who walk around your neighborhoods spying on your properties or asking strange questions about your privacy.

Some armed robbers were caught on CCTV camera doing the unbelievable. According to the video, you can see thisrobbers in a jewelry shop stealing very fast and furious. This could be one of the fastest robberies looking at what they were caught doing on camera.

Police in New York City say it took a group of thieves that uses less than 50 seconds to steal more than $ 2 million worth of jewelry from a store in the Bronx. Authorities are asking for the public's help in identifying the suspects.

This has got many people talking on social media as they wonder how these armed robbers managed to steal this jewelry worth $2.2 million in 50 seconds.

Please click on the link below to watch the video

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