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Faeces mixed with weed and tramadol makes us high – Drug Addict reveals

A Forty-Seven (47) year old who is snared to partaking in cannabis known as 'Small' in the nearby speech has admitted that he and his partners some of the time smoke dried human and creature excreta bound with weed and tramadol.

Authorities of the Narcotics Control Commission (NCC), there is a flood in the smoking of dried dung among a few youngsters who likewise douse utilized sterile cushions to drink for essentialness.

NCC authorities in Ghana have whined about the awful turn of events and called for purposeful endeavors to think about the circumstance head on

Talking on TIME WITH DRUG ADDICTS SHOW on AMBASSADOR TV and checked by Bernard Tuffour made sense of that those smoking the dried excrement blend it "with Marijuana while other people who smoke just the dried" dung.

As indicated by him "The individuals who smoke with dried dung have the conviction without the dried excrement they can never get by"

Making sense of how certain individuals smoke dried dung, Bernard Tuffour made sense of "The people who are dependent on smoking dried defecation now and again go to the public latrine to get human excreta and dry it for certain days before they smoke it"

Bernard Tuffour who has been dependent on drugs for quite some time made sense of that "The people who smoke dried dung are in a basic circumstance and no one but God can save them from that".

"I have never smoked dried defecation however I know a portion of my companions who do. I feel stressed when I see them in that condition since they are going through a great deal" he added.

"As I expressed some of them blend the dried excrement in with weed while others blend it in with tramadol. Dry the excrement for 5 to 6 days to ensure it is all around dried. They will bundle the dried defecation like bundling weed then they smoke it. You will feel sorry assuming you see them participating in that demonstration".

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