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Theft robbery

Midnight Robbery Attack Capture By CCTV

In our community, issues of robbery attack has been a pressing worry to most people, most especially those who work till the late hours of the day.

Due to this known reason, most workers fear a lot while threading on quiet roads at odd hours and even when they are at their work places.

According to a video captured on CCTV camera, two armed robbers were seen at a fuel station filling their tank. At the beginning, the robbers pretended as if they were good people and waited for the fuel attendant to fill their car.

According to the video, immediately after the fuel attendant was done filling their car two robbers came out of the car and attack the fuel attendant with a gun. They took all his cash from him and went away leaving the attendant on the floor. This is very sad, fuel stations need to employ security officer to protect their worker and properties.

Please click on the link below to watch the video

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