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State Funeral For George Floyd But What Has Been Done For Our Own. Tilapia Raises Concern.

Every country places a high value on the lives of its citizens. Citizens who travel to other nations in most developed countries are traced with tracking devices so that they can be easily located if something goes wrong. The assassination of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officer Chauvin raised international awareness of how black people are treated in other countries. George Floyd drew a lot of attention from all across the world. Ghana, as part of a group of countries that sympathize with George Floyd, held a candlelight vigil for black Americans who may never have heard of Ghana.

Tilapia The artist is perplexed as to why Africans have been indoctrinated to dislike or reject our culture. Tilapia's most recent painting depicts how Africans forsake their own culture and accept alien stuff. His latest piece was motivated by the continuous massacres in Ejura, which has become a national issue. Emmanuel Osei's death could possibly be a powerful incentive in his most recent work.

Tilapia is bewildered as to why a country like Ghana would hold a vigil for someone in another country while paying little attention to what is going on under their own watch. His artwork is a message to the land's first gentleman to take a step back in order to quell the ongoing tension in Ejura, which could spread throughout the country, as it did recently in Nigeria with the Endsars.

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