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I Paid A Man To Get Me Pregnant Because Killers Took My Eye And Left Me With No Arms When I Was 12

As the saying goes, courage doesn't mean you're not afraid; Courage means not letting fear stop you from dreaming or fighting, whatever life has to offer.

Some of us, and I mean most of us, have untold stories, unknown tears and unresolved fears as we wait for better days that never come.

I'm Rebecca Benty, a nurse, humanist, philanthropist, content creator who only aims to inspire people like you.

Some of us have asked not to live the life we ​​are living now, so it can be very wrong if people misjudge us. This was not the life he wanted and he didn't want it to get any worse.

Get to know Jacqueline, a woman who until her misfortune lives a happy life with her close family. At the age of 12, his family was attacked by an unknown killer.

His entire family of five (5) people were killed while he was watching. He has parents, brothers, sisters and other relatives. Jacqueline's orders were more traumatic when her left eye was removed while her arm was cut off and she died.

Grace found him when he survived this gruesome murder. Unfortunately, he woke up in the hospital a few days after the tragedy, only to find that his left hand and eye were missing.

Jacqueline became a pain that only the rain with grace could wash away. Living an unhappy life is what defines her life as she has done a lot of things on her own that her now-defunct family can help.

It is impossible to say what caused this murder, but it can be said that Jacqueline still has her life and better days are yet to come.

At one point in her life, Jacqueline needed someone to call a husband, but no one wanted a woman in circumstances that would leave her lonely and childless. This forced her to pay an unknown man she met for the day that got her pregnant. It was his wish because he just wanted someone to call his family.

His daughter Chantelle calls everyone she sees as "daddy" because her biological father only had a contract and was never abused after his first day with her mother. With daughter Jacqueline, I am optimistic that this family will recover soon.

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Rebecca Benty


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