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Man allegedly kills wife for no reason at Assin Koforidua

This year has had enough shootings, suicide, murder, crime, ritual and so many deaths. Is there anything that needs to be attended to by the authorities and government is not paying attention to?

Murder cases in Ghana.

People of today prefer taking the law into their own hands while the law still exists to deal with people who offend the nation and people living in the country.

Killing and committing suicide does not mean there is no judgment after death.

Just recently,someone killed the wife and children because the wife cheated on him with another man.

Again a twenty seven years old lady was shot dead at Nima.

A driver at Gbletsiley butchered the wife to death even before that he inflicted several cutlass wounds on the deceased and he also committed suicide to end it all.

Out break of rabies in Techieman.

Another confirmed dead by the outbreak of rabies in techieman. Also two lover birds committed suicide because their parents denied their marriage together.

Things happening these days are overwhelming that killing should be the best option for people even younger ones of today are found doing the killing the more.

Man butchers wife to death.

Upon investigations and reports from the police, the victim came shouting for help but had nobody to help her out of her situation.

The only tenant in the house heard the shouts, witnessed the situation and rushed out to call for help.

They later came and found out that, the suspect kwabena have butchered his wife to death with no tangible reason for killing her.

Someone you claim to be the love of your life how do you do such a thing to her. If the love that brought you two together still exists. Even if there is no more love there are several ways to resolve such issues to put things in the rightful order.

Inflicting wounds on head,back and her left hand in a pool of blood dead will not end the crises in which you are.

Attempting suicide is not the best thing to do, cutting your throat and hanging yourself to death in the process.

The suspect is currently at the xavier hospital receiving treatment at Assin Fosu.

Committing suicide after taking someone's life.

Killing should not be the next special idea that will pop up in minds of people to enable them stop situations around them it will rather worsen the case.

The government and the laws of the land is not allowed to play it's part on people who commits such offenses that is why people continue to put up such behaviors because they know perfectly well that nothing will be done to them.

Even if they get arrested and sent to court they will later be released back to the society to keep on doing their unacceptable acts.

If they are reprimanded in police cells,they will surely be brought out in the end to the society.

We need the government to rise up as leaders and law makers of the land. We need not to allow people of the country to take the laws into their own ways and interpret it wrongly.

By:Abigail Liko

Smart News Gists.

Content created and supplied by: SmartNews_Gists (via Opera News )

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