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Family to bury 59-year old man who was murdered by armed robbers

Family to bury 59-year old man who was murdered by armed robbers 

The Agogo Aduana clan of the Asante Akyem Central will this Friday the 7 of May 2021 mourn the departure of their father, brother, and uncle. Mr Kwaku Sarpong, the second in command of the Aduana Clan, was the man who never in his life liked troubles or went near trouble areas because of his past experience. The late Mr Sarpong was to visit Canada in 2000 when someone lured him to miss his appointment dates. He had through his family head, Nana Sarpong Agyenim II secured an appointment date and was to visit the embassy for questioning when his mother asked him to run an errand for her. Some people had gathered on her mother's lands to share among his younger siblings so they can start a life with. They came from a family who gave lands to the younger generation to share to start their life at a tender age.

The late Sarpong was the one with the correct dimension to the lands and his presence was to make a fair judgement between the six people who were going to share the lands. They visited the lands and before they could start the demarcation of the lands into plots for fair sharing, a younger sibling who was to be part of lands acquisition invited Sarpong to a palm fruit area which was owned by one of their relatives. They went for inspections of the palm fruits and couldn't do it without touching the palm wines which was been harvested by their relative. They have no idea the relative was trying to catch thieves and has used some chemicals into his palm wines which made the two collapsed. They survived the poison after spending two months in hospitals, and the late Sarpong warned himself never to be influenced by anyone again after his younger sibling tried getting him killed by drinking a poisoned palm wine which ended his chances of visiting Canada.

It was no news for his family when he denied calls from others to troubled areas and never messed along with anyone. The late Sarpong was home on 1 February 2021 when a friend came to him to cry to him over his wife leaving him for her village. They couldn't reach the wife over the phone as her village had no reception to answer phone calls. The friend of the late Sarpong, Mr Ababio who came to beg Sarpong to help him visit his wife in the village and bring her back to Agogo, scheduled 10 February for the trip to the Aduamo Village which was thirty minutes away from Agogo. They were on their way to the village when armed robbery gangs countered them on the road and took everything they had on them including their car they were travelling with.

A car which was coming from the Aduamo Village found them lying on the roadside and they seemed dead but they were all alive. They died on the road while the villagers who found them were transporting them to the town for medical treatment. The robbers were not found and the car was neither found also. The two friends who were going to talk to the wife of Ababio to return to her marriage were all murdered on the same spot after their money and phones plus the car was stolen. Ababio was buried last week Saturday 1 May while Sarpong continued to lie at the morgue. The Aduana family which Sarpong was second in command will this Friday 7 May take him from the mortuary and prepare him for burial. 

He will be laid in state on the dawn of Saturday 8 May for friends, family, sympathisers to pay their respect to him before he will be sent to the Catholic church near the Agogo CMB building for burial service. His body will be sent to the Agogo cemetery where he will be buried at the catholic cemetery because of his association with the church. He left behind four children and a wife. 

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