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Remember This Boy in The Viral Crying Meme, See Him in Real Life and His Recent Epic Memes

Alot of people around the world appreciates stickers and memes for chatting purposes, because it's a way to entertain to make chats lively. Any time you see a sticker you will not fail to remember the legendary memory of a young boy crying with a big head meme.

The trending pictures of this boy is sometimes listed in funny words and mixed into pictures, which in both cases bring funny results.

But the initial thing that brought these famous stickers is still yet to be known to many people. Oladee disclosed in a clip that he shared on YouTube that his grandma gave him money to buy goods from the local kiosk.

How he looks in real life:

While he was heading to the shop to get some things for himself, an idea came into his mind that he can also make more money by playing street games.

He, therefore turned back and went straight to a local pool where he, unfortunately, saw a village pool man emptied his pockets in a couple of seconds.

Here are some of his recent stickers:

When Oladee loses all that money, he cried in the hope that his adversary would take pity and willingly return his money to him, but his crying came to nothing.

After he lost his money and started crying, then his friends took a picture of him and shared it on the internet, that's how the funny stickers came into existence.

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