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Bogoso Explosion: Mining Company Whose Name Has Been Mentioned Issues Statement.

The past 24 hours have been very difficult for many Ghanaians, as they struggled to comprehend the sad news which was reported from Apiate, a town located along the Bogoso - Bawdie road.

It was reported that massive and devastating explosion has ripped through the town in the afternoon of Thursday, 21st January 2022.

After the catastrophic incident, there were several theories suggesting the actual cause of the explosion. Some earlier news suggested it was a gas explosion from a filling station. Others also purported it was a gas tanker which had exploded on the road, while a third account suggested it was caused by mining explosive which was in transit.

Of the three accounts given, two have turned out to be untrue, as no other eye witness account has supported that claim, neither the facts of the matter points to that cause.

The third suggestion, however, turns out to be true. Explosives, purportedly belonging to Chirino, a mining company exploded after the truck which was transporting the explosives was engulfed in flames after a crash with a tricycle.

Shortly after, a massive and devastating explosion was felt, ravaging through Apiate, a town between Bogoso and Dawdie, killing many and destroying virtually every structure in the radius of the blast / explosion.

As it stands, there have been no official figures with regards to the number of casualties or the extent of damage, as thorough investigations are being conducted to ascertain the full length of the incident.

Our condolences to the people of Apiate and all affected by this sad incident.

In the mean time, Chirano Gold mines Ltd, the company whose name is at the centre of this incident has issued a statement attached below.

In the statement, Chirano Mines Ltd extended its deepest condolences and thought to all affected, while pledging to support with relief items to the affected victims as well.

However, the statement didn't say whether they had accepted responsibility of the incident or whether the explosion was to be put at their doorstep, as fingers pointed to them after the explosion.

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