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"We Saw A Beautiful Girl Under The Sea" - Two Survivors Of The Apam Drowning Case Shares A Chilling

Godred Apretse who's 14 years and Simon Dadze 15 years survive in the unfortunate incident that occurred in Apam river. According to the children reports, we were playing football and all of a sadden we saw a beautiful young girl in the river."Simon Dadze sadly revealed" 

Because she was beautiful all of us decided to go swim and have fun with her, and all i could see accidentally crashed with her and she angrily shutting, screaming that I have touched her breast of which she began to fight me in "River".

He said when they were fighting all of a sudden a strange water wave from far distance took us inside the river. 

I didn't see any thing again till I realized a fisherman have rescued me.Simon cried bitterly when reporting the sad incident to Angel Broadcasting Network reporter on live TV.

The reporter asked Simon if she has come across that lady after the incident,of which he said no. The girl is our age type but I don’t know her.

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