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5 Photos of Akwapem Poloo During Her Father's Funeral Ceremony That have stunned people

Just a few hours ago, one of Akwapem Poloo and her family was troubled with a lot of tears. This is due to the death of her one and only father. As we all know, Poloo is one of the popular celebreties in the country who is always seen in the pool of happiness. This day, all his fortunes has turn to be a very sad one. The reaction of Akwapem Poloo during the funeral ceremony have stunned a lot of people as it is quite astonishing as she cried out bitterly.

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Death as a phenomenon is something many people have described as inescapable for humans. This denotes that it appointed for man to die at once as the bible even tells. When a family member is deceased, the scene turns out to be a sad one no matter how richer or poorer the family is. This is same story that has grabbed the female vixen and her family.

During the funeral ceremony, a lot of things were observed as it amazed a lot of people. These were certain photos the woman took alongside some of her friends and siblings. At the same time, Poloos mother was not left out of the effect as she was also seen to be in much pain as crying out loud.

Below are some 5 photos that has stunned many people as a result of her father's demise.





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Akwapem Poloo


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