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N/R: Stranger, Beaten To Pulp By The Resident Of Kpandai

Six (6) strangers travelled from the Southern part of Ghana and settled at Kpandai in the Northern Region. They resided at Kpandai purposely to kill their fellow human beings for money rituals.

They started their operation and a lot of people went missing in the town of Kpandai. The residents of Kpandai were complaining bitterly about the disappearance of their friends, love ones and family members while in pain and agony.

The residents began to suspect the arrival of the six (6) strangers because, the disappearance of the people started when they settled at the town, Kpandai.

The residents questioned the six strangers about the disappearing cases that have happened and unfortunately, five (5) of them escaped but one (1) was left behind.

The stranger left behind was questioned and beaten mercilessly by the residents of Kpandai. While he was being beaten, he confessed to the residents that, he is behind all the disappearance of the people in the town of Kpandai with his friends who had escaped.

The residents then stripped and dragged him naked through the town for the people to witness the crime he has committed.

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