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Terrifying News As 20-Year-Old Boy Gets Arrested For Allegedly Killing His Own Mother

The world has now got to a point where people find it no more difficult to take their lives or that of others. It seems the generation coming up presently take delight in taking lives. What at all could be wrong?

A very sad video showing a mother who was killed by her own son has gotten viral over the internet. In the video, neighbours could be heard crying aloud while the culprit was seen escorted by the policemen into their car.

The only question that would run through one's mind is how on Earth can a boy as young as his age yield to the idea of killing his own biological mother?

Well, the reason to which this boy did so has not been obtained yet. How the whole thing happened is not known yet. The police are working on their interrogations and the outcome will be made known sooner than later.

Meanwhile, the body of the woman was wrapped in sac and carried away, where people were soaked in tears only saying she should rest well. The boy has to face the laws of the land so that this will serve as a deterrent to the others to reduce the rate of this occurrences.

Please click on the link below to watch the video

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