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How my close friend died whilst celebrating my Birthday. Your best day will be someone's worst day.

On my Birthday 3 weeks ago, a friend of mine died. As I blessed God for adding another year to my life, a very good friend of mine stood on the battle-line pending the greatest and most serious judgment he would ever face on earth, 'The Judgment of God'.

Upon being rushed to the hospital, he died in the car. Even though he made some utterances few minutes before dying, his voice was faint and none could hear him.The door is closing fast, Time is running out. Jesus is coming very soon and it will be too late for many.

The time is closing, time is dwindling away, the days are running out, the hour is now, we are coming down to the end of life. Jesus Christ, the Begotten Son of God is still the ONLY Way to Heaven. All must choose now: Life or Death, Heaven or Hell. A simple choice, a Final choice.

A choice to usher us into great joy, a choice to usher us into great mystery. A choice to grant us life, a choice to grant us Death. A choice to be with the Saviour, a choice to be with the Devil. This world is full of choices. Just as Paul said, even though we have the liberty to do anything we want, not everything is acceptable.

The choices we make on earth will decide where we spend eternity. The choices we make will usher us into our eternal abode. Therefore, King Solomon said in the book of Ecclesiastes that in determining our choices, we should do it wisely because God will bring every choice into Judgement.

Choices we made. Just as my birthday was my friend’s demise, your birthday will be someone’s demise. Most importantly, the day you will die will also be someone’s birthday. Therefore, learn to live; for it is only when you learn to live that you will know how to die. You live right, you die right. You live wrong, you die wrong though there are last minute Graces available.

Do not gamble with eternity, do not gamble with eternal decisions; for as nights and days pass, your death draws closer to you. Once death takes over, the next thing to happen to you is JUDGEMENT. Make a choice today to serve the Lord Jesus with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul and all your strength.

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