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A Lady was humiliated and turned into a laughing stock after posting her photo on social media

Nobody should have to live in a world where they’re made to feel bad about their bodies by other people, especially considering people are often critical enough of their own appearance.

A lady who was confident in her own self and appearance decided to share her photo on social media. She wrote; "Guys, I look great and I want to share it with you all on social media. 

She had nothing bad on her mind, but instead of people appreciating her beauty, she was subjected to humiliation and body shaming. That was bad and could break her mentally.

We cannot control the actions and comments of others, but we can stop ourselves from entering the vicious cycle of body shaming.

The consequences of body shaming are severe, whether you’re chastising yourself or someone else, and can contribute to mental health problems. Say no to body shaming and learn how to appreciate a woman's body.

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