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Accident kills: Do these five things to safely stop your car in case your brake fails.

Cars are very useful machines but can lead to fatalities when certain rules and regulations concerning their usage are not observed.

Unfortunately, because they are machines ,no matter how they are cared for,any part can break down at any point in time and can result in very seriously accident that can take away lives.

Fortunately,there are certain things one can do in case these accidents happen and this can lead to a minimised casualties.

One of the major causes of road carnage in Ghana is brake failures. What needs to be done right now is what to do when one fails their brake in the process of driving.

Doing these five things will go a long way to help safe one life and others when their brakes accidentally fails them.

1. Alert everyone as soon as you realise your brakes have failed.You can do this by switching on your hazard light and also honk your horn to draw attention to the vehicle.

This way , people will see your hazard light and know something is definitely wrong and will take caution.

2. The use of friction.

Friction is the break best friend. Friction on the car brake disc causes the car to slow down. And if even if your brakes aren't working, friction can still help you.If the roads are clear ,you can achieve this by zigzagging the car. If this does not not work,start driving on the shrubs and weeds along the sides of the road and this will impedes the car's movement and bring it to a stop

3. The use of the E brakes.

Vehicles have two braking systems,the primary braking system and the secondary braking system.

The primary braking system is the foot pedal and the secondary breaking system is the E brakes or the hand brake. However the hand brake must be pulled slowly in order not to get the vehicle spinning in case there is total brake failure.

4 Downshift.

If the car is a manual transmission, slowly going down the gears also known as engine braking can be applied. This idea is to get a lower gear at higher RPM (Revolution Per minute) as this creates more torgue to the transmission and a vacuum inside the manifold that the pistons fight against the power and the speed will stop.

Just as the E brake, it shouldn't be done quickly as this can spin the car. When you are driving an automatic car,you might access a triptronic transmission as this allows you to over ride the automatic system and slowly go down the gears.

Head for the hills

This is one of the sure ways of seeking a safe haven when one looses their brakes.Sometimes when brakes fail what you have to do is to get the vehicle slowed down and possibly to a stop. When when goes up a hill without stepping on the accelerator, automatically the vehicle's speed drops and grinds to a halt.

A combination of the first step and any of the other steps can work magic for you in case your brake fails and but must be done with caution.

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