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He killed himself and ran away. Take a look at some incredibly hilarious lies told by people

Have you ever heard a lie that was incredible, funny and annoying at the same time?

Well, let's look at some of these lies as we strive to ease the tension created by the long, hefty day.

1. The girl cut her head and swallowed it

2. So he shouted, "God knows I'm an atheist"

3. A Snail and a Tortoise were caught fighting and got separated, so Snail was asked, " Sir, what happened?"

Snail: I don't even know, everything happened so fast".

4. I will report that man to the police, he killed himself and ran away.

5. He calls himself a vegetarian but he bites his tongue everytime he eats a delicious meal.

6. Three students went out to drink beer on the eve of their final exams, they were late for the exams, the exams were over at the time of their arrival so they went to see the professor.

7. Students: Prof, please consider us, we were late because we burst a tyre while driving here.

Prof: sorry to hear that, I will give you a new set of questions ok

Students: ok

So the professsor sets the questions for them and puts them in separate rooms to write.

Question one: what is Photosynthesis? (5 marks)

Questions: which of your tyres got burst? (95 marks)

8.That man is so amazing; he believes his own lies

9. Happiness is waking up to see you still have two minutes more to sleep

This can go on and on.

Which one was your favourite?

Please drop your own lie and run away!

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