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GBC's Abdul Hayi Moomen Swindled By Two Commercial Drivers

A Broadcast Journalist with the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation has taken to social media to share an unpleasant fate he has suffered in the hands of two drivers he employed months ago for his transport business. Abdul Hayi Moomen said his two employees acting in connivance with mechanics have swindled him of their daily sales and to make matters worse he occasionally has to spend from his pocket to service the cost of fake faults declared by their partners in crime, the dishonest mechanics.

The GTV News anchor even after installing trackers on the said vehicles, he so trusted his drivers that he did not bother monitoring their activities but constant reports about the cars breaking down made him become suspicious. He revealed the two drivers' dishonesty came to the fore yesterday when they called to, as usual, report faults in their vehicles that will keep them out of work until they are fixed. He said after checking the trackers, he found to his dismay that the vehicles were in active service and so he tracked them down with the help of a family member to retrieve his cars.

Below is detail of what the journalist wrote on his Facebook page about his ordeal.

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