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"Alcohol Challenge Goes Wrong" : Check Out What A Lady Mistakingly Poured In Her Eyes

Social media seems to be one thing that is influencing the lives of most people in this present era, most especially the youth.

Our youth of today seem to now live their lives according to what they see online and that is affecting us very much.

You would now see young individuals devoting most of their leisure time to twerking and all sort of immoral things like twerking because they tend to see them on the social media every now and then.

Because social media is now an easily accessible thing, anyone can go online at anytime they wish provided they have the internet connection and it is causing Soo much damage to our youth despite it's positive implication on them as well.

Almost everyday, we hear of new challenge that is been undertaken on most social media handles and a lot of people try to partake in them because they are filled with Soo much fun.

Certain challenges that have been conducted on social media in the past include trying to sing certain lines of songs by some musicians, jumping over quite a number of crates, posting pictures of oneself to show how they look now as compared to some years back and other ones.

Currently, there is this challenge called the 'sip my alcohol' challenge in which a lot of people have taken part in it.

There is this video trending online bin which you would see a lady who was assumingly taking part in the same challenge.

Unfortunately, this lady ends up pouring a substance on her head running through her face and she all of a sudden begins to scream.

You would realize that she mistakingly poured a substance that contained pepper in it in her eyes which led to her screams. Social media has both it's good side and bad and it is left for us to make it benefit us positively.

Please click on the link below to watch the video:

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