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Road Accident

Driver Cries Like A Baby As Vehicle Catches Fire In The Middle Of The Road

Fire they say is a good servant but can be a bad servant at the same time. Fire outbreaks have over the years destroyed many properties worth millions of cedis in Ghana. From the big markets to homes, several properties belonging to individuals have been destroyed by fire and in some circumstances, human lives are lost. Another fire disaster has happened and this time around a vehicle is involved.

They were traveling from Koforidua to Takoradi after an errand and whilst on their way the white and yellow taxi with registration number, AS 2625-18 developed a fault and they parked at the nearest mechanic shop to get it repaired. The vehicle was back with full fitness and they decided to continue their journey, but everything was not fine.

Unfriendly scent started smelling from the vehicle and they decided to check, as the driver alighted from the vehicle, he realized the back tire and boot had caught fire and was expanding to other parts. Those at the back of the vehicle were helpless because all the two back doors were locked and all efforts to open proved futile.

Other users of the road came into the picture to help save the situation but the vehicle was already in flames. They managed to rescue the passengers at the back seat but could not save the vehicle. They quickly went for water to quench the fire and even added sand but all to no avail. They could no longer save the situation and left the vehicle to burn to ashes. The driver was helpless and started crying like a baby. The good news is that all the passengers in the vehicle were not harmed. The vehicle is still at the location and both the driver and passengers have to find another means to continue their journey to Takoradi.  

From the look of things, the car had no fire extinguisher that could have assisted them in quenching the fire. These are some of the petty safety tools the police are expected to check when they are on the road. If any of the police barriers along the way had conducted proper checks to ensure there is a functioning fire extinguisher in the car, the unfortunate incident would not have happened.

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