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A White Grandmother Cries Bitterly After Being Duped By A Sakawa Boy

Many people calls it yahoo yahoo or frauding. This criminal act is well known in Africa but mainly in West Africa. There are numerous cases of people frauding the whites money using a smart move like posing as a different person in seeking of love.

A video have been going viral on the internet which features a grown up white woman crying bitterly and heavily while on a video call with a suppose fraudster. Although this act is illegal in many countries in Africa but still there are huge rise of such crimes. Most of these fraudsters are young and early in their teens. Many people engages in such act just to get rich early and not working hard.

The video was however heartbreaking and sad as one can see the woman was in a very painful and sad state. My advice to the youth is, please better find a legit work to do rather causing harm to people in order to get rich.


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