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Dead Fish Washed Ashore - Residents say fish not poisonous but a blessing as they enjoy the meal

It could be recalled that, not recent ago, hundreds of dead fishes were washed ashore at beaches of Accra. Many Ghanaians have raised red flags over the issue as many were in fear and panic. People were concerned as to whether the sea is toxic that is why these number of fishes washed ashore.

Samples of the fishes have been sent to the laboratory by the foods and drugs authority to ascertain what actually caused the sudden mishap. From the day of the incident till now, a lot of people are afraid of buying fishes because they think they are poisonous.

An interview done by TV 3 which was monitored by Ahomka.News, residents in the vicinity are of the view that, the fish is not poisonous and can never be. One man who spoke said, he has eaten plenty of the fishes and nothing has happened to him. He said his body is very fine and not feeling ill. He made a statement that, people are in the house and have no food to eat so God has blessed them with food and there is nothing wrong with it. So he is trying to say the fish is not poisonous but it is rather manna which has been given by God.

Another man who also spoke the fishes are not poisonous because he knows how to identify a fish that is poisonous. They are eating the fish and have been reserving some in the fridge for future use. When they were asked if they will go to the hospital for a check up for any potential food poisoning, they boldly said they will not go to any hospital because nothing is wrong. They will only go to the hospital if the bills will be footed by the government but if not that, there will not go. They still insist the fishes are in a very good state and blessings from above.

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