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Abesim Murder: Money or Football Ritual? The Effects of Ritualism on Ghana TV Stations.

In Ghana and Africa as a whole, the money ritual is no joke. Dating back to our ancestral traditional religion, we had the means to command spirits to ease our adventures in life. Well, apparently, that way of living was unproductive and quite obviously, it couldn’t advance us as a people. That is why the whites came to meet us uncivilized and not smart enough. We were gullible and they could exchange mirrors with our chiefs for our youthful and energetic men and women.

Having introduced education and Christianity/Islamic religion, there appears to be an element of the populace who still believe in the easy money making routine. They want to be large in the society: own cars, mansions, yachts, ladies and above all power to control people. However, the work of the spirit doesn’t operate on credit or free of charge. There are sacrifices to observe and they include spilling innocent blood and sometimes, using their body parts to complete some ritual instructions.

This is why there have been many murder cases where blood are shed and body parts are missing. Sometimes, there are instances where the body gets missing altogether. Children as young as 15 years are even engaging in this money-making venture. The children from Kasoa who murdered their friend for money said they even killed a pregnant woman prior to killing their friend. According to them, they were introduced to the whole thing by a television commercial run by a certain man.

This week, another sad and heinous news from the town of Abesim has surfaced on the internet and large media space. This time around, the suspect is a sportsman called "Fireman" who happens to be 28 years old. He killed the son of his business partner and kept the body in the fridge for whatever purpose. As we all know, some footballers do ritual activities to be perfect at their craft on the field of play. Could this be the cause for his action or it was just for money?

There is no way this man is mad as purported by the chief of Abesim. Indeed, there is a genuine cause to his action and we must invest time in knowing the cause. For me, I always express my disappointment in the National Communication Authority for failing to sanitize what Ghanaians consume from the television.

From the psychological point of view, if someone sees something over and over again, there is a tremendous tendency of the person to believe it is a good venture and perhaps giving it a try. That is why some advertisements are done on television and without even struggling to memorize it, you find it easy on your lips. Look, these ritual performers, false malams and many others on our televisions should be banned and allow some educative materials to build the minds of the youths. As people, what we hear makes us- so if we are fed with garbage, we will produce trash, however, when we are fed with scientific knowledge, we will produce intelligent citizens.  

Whatever Abesim “Fireman” intended to do with the body- whether money or football skills, he was definitely convinced it was normal and that there are even TV commercials and programs on the matter. 

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