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Story Of The Man Who Was Nearly Put In A Mortuary Fridge After Doctors Thought He Was Dead

Have you ever imagined yourself at the cemetery at night? What of waking up from your unconsciousness only to find yourself surrounded by dead bodies?

Scary right? This was nearly the fate of a man who visited the hospital to be treated for an ailment. He was admitted and slept due to the drips and injections he received.

A story narrated by one social media user by the name of Jeffson disclosed that the man who was only resting was nearly placed in Mortuary Fridge because the medical practitioners who swift shifts thought he was dead.

According to Jeffson, this is what happened;

"Only healthcare system in Ghana only God can help us. Today a Mortuary man a man who was alive to the morgue. A certain man died and they were given a directive to send him to the morgue without asking for further details about the deceased, the Mortuary men proceeded to carry a man who was sleeping and nearly sent him to morgue if interventions weren't made."

It appears quite funny but it is not, since base on this revelation you can go to the hospital with a minor problem and might end up in a morgue.

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