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Join Me And Laugh The Sorrows Out

I can't let you be bored online, I want to share some pictures with you that I think will make you smile , please don't laugh extremely because it can make you look weird.

Am just wondering the questions people will ask on judgement day.

I think his question is sensible because it's related to religion but am just wondering what the angel would do to me if I was to ask him why our president and his vice don't have hairs on their head.

Like seriously?

Why do you think we allowed you niggas to roam around since January. Please it's our time, shut up and let us eat you in peace.

Hmm Ghana dogs. The annoying part is, as you see them there, they won't chase any criminal o but you just try passing there, they will make you run like your father is Usain Bolt. Are they having a SDB(Stubborn Dogs Brigade)?

This really happens if you are playing the role of a good boy whiles your mother is the the audience watching you. I remember when I was in primary, it was Christmas and my school wanted us to act the story of Jesus Christ. I couldn't show up early but luckily I was chosen but annoyingly, I was asked to be the donkey mary would sit on.

So on the D day, whiles everyone was memorising their script, they were rather teacher me how to cry like a donkey. Ny Childhood was something else.

Actually I have a friend, he's writing his final exams in shs, he is a big Chelsea fan, he has won alot from betting.

I sometimes tell him, Lincoln, don't do this always o, he doesn't listen, yesterday, I think he literally had onky ¢200 and he was so confident to in Chelsea when they were away to play against Juventus in the ucl. Unfortunately, the God smiled at him so he lost. I was chatting with him, I asked him how it went he replied saying"am a born again Christian".

Tell me in the comments,which picture made you laugh here.I hope I made you smile, why don't you share it to make others smile too.Have a good day.

As always"we see differently"

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Ghana Usain Bolt


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