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“I woke up to find a Police Car and Three Cops standby”; Kofi Asare recalls how he was remanded.

The Executive Director of Africa Education Watch, Kofi Asare, has given a sound advice to citizens who think the laws of the land do not work effectively.  

Kofi Asare narrated how he was captured and remanded in police custody after he threatened to slap his landlord at Cape Coast. 

According to him, his mother paid him visit and met his absence on campus. His landlord seized the opportunity and spread information about him to his mother. 

However, he couldn’t wait than to threaten his landlord for snitching at his back.

“I got home tipsy after midnight, woke landlord up gave a ‘heavy warning’ to landlord for going to chop kokonsa about me to my mum”, he said. 

Nonetheless, his landlord reported him to the law enforcement agency, and they arrested and remanded him for threatening a citizen of Ghana. 

“I was awaken by a loud bang on my door at 5:30 am to find a police car with three cops on standby. After the plenty, ‘I know my right’ takashi, I ended up spending one week in that Cape Coast Slave dungeon converted into a cell at Victoria Park. In that cell, there was no daylight, so we lost count of calendar and time”, he said. 

Kofi Asare later urged citizens to be circumspect about their actions in order to avoid preventable legal altercations.

He wrote this on his Facebook page. 

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