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Man Arrested With Gun At Day 2 Of Arise Ghana Demonstration

A yet to be identified man has been arrested by the Ghana Police for carrying a gun at Elwak Stadium, the convergence point of the day 2 of the Arise Ghana demonstration.

The police personnel picked up the man and drove of the scene with him in custody. His motive for carrying a gun to the place is not yet known. There is currently no information as to whether the man is a registered gun carrier or not. The police swiftly moved him out of the place to forestall any hideous eventuality. This ensured the dreadful occurrences that bridled yesterday's demonstration does not repeat itself.

After his arrest the organizers of the demonstration announced to all present that if anyone else had a gun on them they should get rid of it before the demonstration begins.

However some people have claimed the arrested man is known as Awal and is a member of the National security.


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