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Theft robbery

Armed robber arrested and jailed for 6 years.

Criminal activities are on the rise these days in Ghana. The rate at which criminal cases are been reportedly very bad. Armed robbers have no mercy on human life and they kill at any time at every moment. It is very sad to hear a gang of robbers shooting police officers to death.

The broad daylight has shine today and one of the armed robbers have been arrested and jailed for the six years. According to the report gathered this afternoon, the man in the picture was arrested by Kwame Danso police officers for stealing a lot of items from market women in Kwame Danso and other food vendors and MTN mobile money vendors.

The act of the said criminal is so huge and he was sent to the Court in case he has any claims about the theft allegations.

However, the criminal we s not able to redeem himself and he was sentence to jail for the period of 6 years.Let us be mindful of our way of life and do hard work in other to earn a better living. Let us all say no to criminal activities and we should repent and stick to our Lord Jesus for salvation.

The name of the criminal is not yet known but it was confirmed that, he was have been jailed of 6 years.

Criminal activities must be put to a stop.

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