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Video of young man chewing broken bottles surfaced online.

A video circulating on the internet has spotted a young guy who is believed to be in his early thirties chewing broken bottles without any hurt. The video was captured at the seashore of one of the coastal areas in Ghana but the exact town is not yet known. The guy who was in a dreadlock hair can also be said that he comes from that same coastal area and his name is not known by anybody.

From the video, it can be concluded that, the young guy has been doing it for longer period of time and he did this one intentionally because the table which the broken bottles were on it was nicely set up. There were a lot of people there when he put up such action. Some of the people there were swimming and others too were having normal fun at the seashore and others too were capturing him when he was chewing the broken bottles.

The act exhibited by this young guy is not common nowadays. It was in the olden days that people with black powers put up such activities for public views and they used it to earn money for themselves. Internet users did not known if the guy did it to test his black powers or he did it to challenge his friends who doubted him of it. Your opinions and thoughts of why the guy chewed the broken bottles are highly welcome in the comments box. Like, share and follow me as well to get more of my articles to read.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.

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