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'He was the one who gave me this cut' - Man in trouble over a dead argument as his wife reopens case

Veronica Osei Bonsu, the wife of Alban Osei Bonsu, was washing clothes when her husband made several calls to her phone on 29 December 2020. Veronica sitting at the porch of her three-bedroom house, forgot the sound of her phone when it kept ringing the entire afternoon. She was busy concentrating on her laundry as the husband kept calling and calling.

After no response to the numerous calls, Alban came back from work after being unsuccessful with his wife over the phone. Alban needed a very important document which was in his drawer behind his bed, and Veronica who could have helped with those documents was not responding to her phone. 

In anger, Alban threw his left hand which held his briefcase against his wife Veronica, and that gave her serious wounds on the 29 December. Alban in remorse for his actions took his wife to the Adeiso Community Clinic where they were referred to the Koforidua Regional Hospital looking at the nature of the wounds. Veronica managed to survive it when she was admitted to the Koforidua Regional Hospital from 29 December 2020 to 26 February 2021.

Adeiso Police, after issuing a police form for Alban on 30 December 2020, did close the case on 19 February 2021 when Veronica failed to prosecute the case and opted for the case to be settled at home. Per police regulations and the criminal code, the case of domestic abuse was allowed to be settled at home with the Adieso Christ Apostolic Church pastor, Rev Albert Fin, been the settler of the case as the police granted him his request. 

The case was settled in the church way as Alban begged his wife forgiveness after her discharge from the hospital. In recognition of his remorse, Alban Osei Bonsu gave three pieces of white clothes to his wife as a show of remorse for his actions on 29 December 2020. The clothes were received in good faith as the wife, Veronica wore the same clothes to her Thanksgiving service after her near-death emergency. 

The case which was closed and allowed to rest was resurrected this morning when Veronica filed a complaint at the Adeiso police station against her husband. Alban is said to have been allegedly beating the wife lately with the slightest thing she does. Veronica in her complaint stated that the husband slitting her throat with his briefcase on 29 December 2020 was the beginning of her problems as he has kept beating her from the day she was discharged from the hospital to date.

Veronica, now staying at her family house, wants her husband prosecuted and possibly jailed over the continued maltreatment he has been giving to her in their marriage. He was the one who gave me this cut, as Veronica said in appealing to the police inspector of his readiness to stand trial with her husband. Veronica's husband, Alban Osei Bonsu was arrested this afternoon after Veronica called for his arrest with serious evidence of domestic abuse. 

Alban has been denied bail and will be arranged before a court; whether Koforidua high court or district court this week.

Content created and supplied by: RockyJDJones (via Opera News )

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