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Sad: This Man Was Burnt Alive For Translating The Bible To English

It's always excited to find out new stories to add to your knowledge. In this article ,we go back in time to a historic event. This event happened so many years ago.

We are all quite aware that once upon a time the Bible was only available in one language, and that language happened to be the Greek language. During those days there was a man by the name Williams Tyndale,he was an English Scholar. Williams was a smart man so samart that he could speak and understand about 7 different languages.

Greek happened to be one of the languages he could speak, since he was a priest he loved to read the Greek Bible. One day he thought on the issue of making it possible for alot of people in England to be able to read the Bible, that's when he decided to translate the Greek Bible to English as well.

He succeeded in translating the Greek Bible into English. This helped several people get a better understanding in the Bible.This decision however lead to his death, as several Englishmen and even the King were upstate his act.

Tyndale was taken in chains in the year 1536 in the month of October, he was burnt alive while still in chains. His last words were "Lord please open the King of England's eyes". Some would say his prayer was actually heard as not long after his death the English Bible was accepted which opened the gates for many other translations in different languages .



What do you think about this piece , were they right in burning him and what was the actual reason for burning him if it was benefitting several Englishmen? Let's get interactive.

May his soul rest in peace!

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