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Road Accident

There was Police escort to the van carrying explosives to the site;Police 'brief' raises questions

Life is full of disappointments and mystery:at one point you are alive and at another, something strange has happened. The level of uncertainty sometimes baffles considering how accurate people set their plans and yet fail to achieve them. This can be as a result of unforeseen circumstances which one does not have complete control over and death will also come knocking at our door.

Scores are presumed dead following a deadly blast that occurred on January 20th at Bogoso in the Western Region. Per reports making rounds, a van transporting explosives to a mining site collided with a motorcycle and it caught fire right in the middle of the road. The fire got into contact with the van and its combustibles exploded, destroying everything within the range of the blast.

The stretch connecting Bogoso and Kumasi is unmotorable several buildings have collapsed and some vehicles were damaged as well. Fast forward, a situation report has been issued by the Police that seems to indicate that there was a police escort with the van at the time of the incident. The purpose of this escort mostly is to pave the way and also to provide security.

However, many Ghanaians are not enthused by the police report and have raised a lot of doubt about the said escort. Many have inquired: If they were a police escort as said, how come the motor rider ended up crashing with the vehicle? 

What was the distance between the vehicle and the police escorts? Why didn't the police if there were any, advise the driver to move at night as the road will be less busy at night than in day time? 

The passengers in the vehicle which was passing by at the time of the explosion and inhabitants sustained varying degrees of injuries. So where was the police officer when the truck was blazing and he didn’t have knowledge of the danger to caution pedestrians? There are more questions than answers.

You can watch the video here

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