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Theft robbery

Wicked armed robber and drug dealer arrested by police

A robber and a drug dealer has been arrested by the Ghana police and this has earned Dampare and his boys more applauds once again. Dampare has shown competence and maturity and he’s still showing the country what he is good at and that’s keeping the country safe.

When he was appointed, he was seen as young and inexperienced. But Dampare has proven to the entire country that being young and not in the circle of the old is not just what prevents you from doing something great.

Police patrol who were sent out to do their normal work have arrested a robber who taught he was smarter than the police and so did he think he was faster. One of the things these robbers are not realizing is how Dampare has a formation for all of their tactics. It seems every robbery that goes on and is stormed by the police are robberies that the police can now easily detect and stop.

Robbers are in trouble and it’s a happy moment for the entire country as we are being redeemed from the wicked hands of these robbers. According to reports from the police, these robbers were seen on one motorbike. They were reportedly three men on one motorbike and tried to escape after they saw the police.

The police patrol team chased them down and this led to the arrest of one Mr. Yusuf who fell from the motorbike. After being searched by the police, the police found a pistol, 5 round of ammunition, three mobile phones and a substance that was suspected to be Indian herb.

The Ghana police have currently taken him in to the Teshie police station where he is reportedly cooling off for further investigation to begin. Ghanaians are currently appreciative of the good work of the police who have currently exhibited intensive speed and smartness in their operations.

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