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Dubai Has Created An Artificial Rain To Reduce Hotness In The Country

Hi good reader, welcome to one of my favorite articles writing edition. This article is given to you by a humble student in one of the SHS in Ghana

Writing article is one of my favorite aspect in life as student. To improve, I always write articles that gives you what is going on around you, what you should do and what you have to do to improve your personality.

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now let's get to the main idea..

Dubai Has Created An Artificial Rain To Reduce Hotness In The Country.

Dubai Is A very rich country in the world, they have plan this project in 2017 to create an artificial rain to reduce over hotness in the country. After the project is done the is a problem, the problem is the roads in the country that block with a bad whether.

Planning work truly, the plan has truly works but this is the problem they have created. The climate has been bad so far but they are try their best to solve it, let's wait and see what they can do about it.

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