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Watch what this driver was filmed doing in public naked. People reacted.

Long distance drivers usually go through a lot during their journey. This includes food, sleep, sanitation and refreshments.

Most of them even go through the day's journey by taking their bath.

On 15th August, A driver was seen in a trending video on social media, bathing in daylight beside his vehicle.

South Africa has numerous modes of transportation, including highways, railroads, airports, waterways, and oil pipelines. The majority of people in South Africa rely on unofficial minibus taxis as their primary mode of transportation.

Therefore, when a photo of this driver bathing outside in the open while it was daytime was shared, people could not help but make fun of the moniker "Mageza".

Man P: Long-distance drivers are frequently stuck in this scenario since they have travelled a long distance and need to bathe.

Evidence Bongwe: This job is difficult, but they make certain that everyone arrives at their destination on time.

Mara bo mageza and pompini only wash their faces and armpits, aba sale kaal kaal.

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