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Road Accident


The rate at which road accidents occur in Ghana is absurd. As a result of this, rate of mortality, injuries and destruction of properties are also on the rise. Many have expressed their thoughts about this worrying situation in Ghana but what do we still see? Road safety is largely taken for granted in Ghana. However, it kills more human beings in a year than Cholera, Malaria and other life-threatening diseases.

What really are the causes of this menace? In our own view, the following can be associated with the rise of road accidents on the parts of drivers in Ghana .

Lack of Training and Knowledge of the rules of Driving:

Most of these people (drivers) learn to drive on their own and later go for a license to give them the legal right to move a vehicle. About 80% of commercial drivers in Ghana have no formal training recquired of every qualified driver , though they possess drivers' license. One thing we should be clear about is, vehicles by themselves won’t kill or injure anyone unless a human being sits behind the wheel and starts driving it.

Recklessness and Indiscipline on the part of drivers:

Over speeding upturn the risk of accident and death . There is a high level of clutter especially among commercial drivers in the country. These drivers steadily violate speed limits set for certain distances and highways. The road sign for example, may say, drive under 50Km/hour. Many drivers will be moving at 80Km to 120Km/hour. This surely is a major cause of accidents.

Driving when tired or sleepy

Another cause of road accident on the part of drivers is the sleepy and tiredness nature of some drivers. Driving while feeling tired or sleepy is so dangerous. Avoid driving if you feel tired or sleepy. Take a little rest. Get out of the vehicle and take a walk. Just avoid the wheel when tired or sleepy.

A False sense of supremacy:

Drivers on the road, want to prove that they are champion drivers. They know how to intrigue a vehicle at top speed better than anyone else. Lunacy of such, must stop. Anything can happen at any time when you intend doing such. The tires can burst and you lose control of the wheel. One thing we should take note is, there is no champion driver but the one who arrives safely at their destinations, is who we can call, a champion driver.

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol: 

The intake of drugs such as alcohol, "wee", just to mention a few, to drive is an unforgivable crime. Why should one drink and drive? A driver must be sober at all times and in full control of himself and his mental faculties. Accidents and road crashes are the likely results of driving under the influence of substances.

These and many more are some of the causes of road accidents in Ghana. One life matters, so we should all entreat each other especially drivers to drive carefully to and fro their destinations.

Drive safely and arrive alive cos Ghana needs you.

Please, like, comment and share for others to see the light and save a life. 

Thank you. 

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