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Kasoa Again: 14 Year Old boy Sets 10 Year Old Boy Ablaze With Petrol

Cynthia Amankwah who is the mother of the 10 year young boy said she sent her son on an errand, to buy shoe when she was being interviewed by Afia Pokuah on UTV.

Within a short while, Mrs. Cynthia saw her son running back home with flames of fire all over his body. According to our source, the young boy (the 10 years old), did not do the 14 year old boy anything. He was just passing by and before he realized the boy has poured a substance believed to be petrol on him and has lighted fire on him.

Very lucky for the 10 year boy, there were kids around who intervened and helped put out the fire.

Police has taken 'Hammer' into custody for more questioning.

However, in the photos below, the skin of Cynthia’s 10 year old son has been wiped off leaving the flesh

What at all is now happening at Kasoa? Please if your have any news you can call or WhatsApp ceo.kingsley.kay on the numbers these numbers 0543013959

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