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A boy who has spent 15 years in Class 1

Good morning dear followers, it been a while since I updated you on the news going on around the world. Recently and the trending topic is a man who has spent 15 years in class 1, how is it possible and how can it be. when I heard the news myself I was even shock and didn't even want to believe it but after a few research I got to believe it.

For the past 15 years he has been repeating class 1 all because the next 15 years he forget all that he has learn, eiii very strange paaa he forget the next minute. what do you think is wrong with this boy, all his mate that he started school with has graduated and even one of them is his teacher now. He is very hard working and also to school early but what is really wrong and what can teacher's do to help him. All his mate calls him "old man" which he is not happy about.

An interview with his mom was very cool she said when I send him to go and buy sugar he goes and buy rice unless she goes back and change, so is the any hope for him.

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