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She Poured Acid On My Face But I Have Forgiven Her: Police Officer Narrates

When a man abuses and attacks a woman, it is no news. However, when a woman abuses a man, it becomes a news. This is as a result of the rareness of such cases. Today, social media users have massively reacted to a news that have caused gigantic stir online. This case of domestic violence was between a man and his wife. The individual who was abused was a man, Dan Shishia, a police officer to be precise. This may sound weird but that is the reality. As strong as he appeared, the wife obviously overpowered him.

Dan's wife poured acid (sulphuric acid) on his face because of a little argument that they had. From a picture circulating, his face had deformed totally, reducing his beauty as a man. He also loosed his sight and is currently blind. Motivated by that incident, Dan has embarked on some project and he is an activist of Domestic Violence. Recently, Dan revealed that he has forgiven his wife and dropped all the charges against her.

"She poured acid on my face but I have forgiven her", Dan Shishia.

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Dan Shishia


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