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Video: The state of ambulances purchased by the government some few months ago.

Many ambulances were provided to various hospitals in every constituency by the government to help tackle the country's emergency health problems. When these well equipped ambulances were distributed to the constituencies, the general public expected those who received them to manage and take excellent care of them, ensuring that they remained in good working order for the benefit of all of us in the country. However, some of these ambulances are in poor condition and have been placed to rot someplace, as shown in a video uploaded on Facebook by A Plus.

When these ambulances were first delivered to the constituencies, they were all completely new and equipped with the latest technology, but in this video, some of them are in poor condition, with several in need of quick repairs. Ambulances with names like Offinso North constituency, Wulensi constituency, Kwadaso constituency, and Lambussie constituency can be seen in the video.

This video shows a lot of ambulance vehicles purchased by the government some few months ago and they are all in poor condition. One vehicle, which appears to have been in an accident, has all of its front lights and bumper removed. Others have rust on their bodies, while others have tires that have deflated and are on the ground, indicating how long they have been parked at this location which is turning into an ambulance graveyard.

This video clearly demonstrates how those in charge of these vehicles did not do a good job of keeping them in excellent working order so that they might be deployed to carry out their missions more successfully.

And, due to a lack of care, these cars, which were only recently acquired with taxpayer funds, are being left to decay in this site. But the unfortunate aspect is that we the original Ghanaians will be the ones to suffer when these ambulances vehicles go bad due to a lack of maintenance.

Watch the video here

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